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Interchangeable Pendants

How many times do you go to buy a necklace or anything at that matter and think to yourself  “I already have something similar to that!” Well I do that all the time. So I started thinking, maybe I should make just plain necklaces and have pendants, charms, etc that you can change out yourself without having to use tools or anything you may not have.

I’ve decided to offer plain leather style necklaces with add ons that you can swap out for any occasion or style. Each pendant will have a lobster claw clasp for easy accessibility. Don’t miss out and stay tuned for more!

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Essential Oils…Wearing Your Diffuser

Diffusing Essential Oils Made Easy

1) Why use a necklace diffuser to diffuse essential oils as opposed to other ways of putting essential oils into the air?
2) Why diffuse essential oils all day long?
3) Why are Original Stiles pendants and bracelets the best diffusers to use?

The Really Good Answers:

#1 Why should you be diffusing essential oils with a necklace diffuser; why not just put the essential oil on your skin or use an electric room diffuser?

There are many different ways you can diffuse essential oils. You can put the oils directly on your skin, you can put them on your sleeve or collar, you can use a room diffuser or you can put them on personal diffuser jewelry made with terra cotta clay. What’s the difference?

When you put the oils on your skin your body quickly absorbs the oil, making it difficult for you to smell the aroma after a short time. When you put oil on your sleeve, or collar the oil will dissipate very quickly because there is nothing to contain the oil.

A room diffuser is a great option if you are staying in or near to that room. But when you’re on the go, you need a diffuser that will “follow” you around! An effective, wearable, hands-free diffuser then becomes your best option.

Original Stiles Essential Oil Diffuser jewelry is the perfect answer. Why? When terra cotta clay is kiln-baked, the moisture evaporates from the wet clay leaving a multitude of tiny air pockets. These tiny air pockets trap the oil and allow it to diffuse very slowly from the kiln-baked clay!

#2 Why diffuse essential oils all day long; why not just use them when you need them?

More and more today we are learning about the connection between the mind and body. We know that getting to a place of feeling good is a great proactive approach to staying healthy. Since aroma is processed in the part of the brain responsible for memory, emotion and trauma, inhaling pure essential oils profoundly affects the way we feel!

Diffusing essential oils with a wearable diffuser that effectively and continuously disperses the oil into the air you breathe is a powerful way to support your desire to feel good all day long.

#3 Original Stiles Essential Oil Diffuser jewelry is the best diffuser to use. 

  1. It is light-weight.
  2. It is durable.
  3. It goes where you go – you don’t have to think about it!
  4. It is great for guys and girls; young and young-at-heart!
  5. It is tuck-in-able!
  6. It is not fragile!
  7. It is simple to use!
  8. It has a large enough surface area to easily hold and disperse a drop or two.
  9. It releases the essential oil slowly so a drop or two lasts a long time!
  10. It is hands-free.
  11. It is a perfect travel diffuser – especially when you are traveling by plane!
  12. It is economical – you can have a different one for every day of the week!
  13. You can apply a different oil every few days and after a while you will create an ever-changing signature aroma made up of your favorite essential oils!
  14. If you sell essential oils, you can buy them at the wholesale price and sell them with your oils!
  15. It is made with love right here in Louisiana!
  16. It keeps your essential oils right under your nose all day long!
  17. It allows you to share the aroma with the people you meet throughout your day so you can help others feel good too!